fMMS now reached a million downloads (a few days back, actually) on the counter at Thank you everyone that keeps using my application! Thank you also for the patches and suggestions you keep sending me, even though I might be a bit slow to reply at times I do appreciate it and try to integrate/fix things sooner or later. :)

PS. 1.3.3 needs your vote to make it to Extras ;-)

PPS. I still appreciate the donations, keep them coming ;)

First, let me apologize for not pushing a lot of updates lately, I recently moved to Finland so have been quite busy the last few weeks. :)

I recently pushed 1.2.2 to extras-testing which has the option to “Save attachments” from the application menu when viewing an MMS, which should help everyone do whatever they want with the media they receive. :) Please help test and vote for it at

In closing I’d like to thank everyone for downloading and using this application! Just another 500 000 downloads to the first million! ;-)

PS. Is this the first application from to reach 500 000? :)

Finally! 1.0.0! Working it’s way to -testing as you read this! Link for QA:

There’s a new thread at for fMMS 1.0.0 and later;

Everything you might need should be available in the above link, however I plan to follow up with a few posts going through the application in more detail.

Thanks for reading, testing and commenting!

Also, a big thank you to those of you who have donated!

Finally, the day of days! Today marks a milestone in fMMS development – I consider it ready for Extras. Baring any serious bugs in this release I’ll bump the version number up to 1.0.0 and promote it to -testing within the next few days. :)

Looking back there are some things worth pointing out:
Original brainstorm posted 2009-09-27 (here).
Over 300 thumbs ups/down on the brainstorm (here).
Original wiki-page containing the research of what was needed for MMS on the N900 (here).
Some early IRC-logs from #maemo on FreeNode:

My N900 arrived on the 9th of December 2009.
Was receiving SMS Push messages by the 30th of December (yes, took a while, I had exams the week after I got my device!). Link.
Proof of concept posted on 2010-01-02: Code still available at
First package with ugly UI 2010-01-04:

Since then there has been over 11 000 downloads of the deb-package from garage as well as over 160 000 (!) downloads from -devel.

All of this would not have been possible without the great community AND the great support from Nokia.

Thank you all for testing, giving feedback and taking your time to read this.


So, since my last blog the two things standing between fMMS and extras have worked themselves out (almost, still waiting for PR1.2 to go live). I hereby like to present: fMMS 0.9.0 aka “Getting really close now…”.

Quick overview of the features:

  • Auto configuration of MMS APN.
    So, this will work for everyone in PR1.2 (assuming it’s like PR1.2 SDK), but you can get it to work now on a fresh fMMS install by copying /etc/operator_settings from PR1.2 SDK, but what it does is try to configure all MMS related options automatically. If you are coming from an earlier version of fMMS it *should* automatically copy over your settings from the current one, hopefully.
    When introducing this I also made fMMS add it’s own APN automatically, which means you no longer need fAPN.
  • Forward option in Viewer.
    It basically takes the text and the attachment (only one, which got some funky logic attached to it) and opens a new Sender for you. It does not save the subject from the previous message.
  • Connection modes.
    They’ve been around a while now, but I’d like to explain them again as it’s not really obvious how they are intended to work.
    • Polite: This mode does only connect to the MMS APN if no other connection is active.
    • Rude: Automatically takes down your current connection, connects to the MMS APN and when it’s done reconnects to the previous connection if possible.
    • Havoc: This is what other phone does (albeit much more reliably), it opens a second connection to the MMS APN in parallel with the one currently open. As an added bonus, the MMS APN is hidden from the “Connections” UI in this mode as it does not need to be visible.
      Due to the nature of the kernel in Maemo 5 there are some ugly hacks involved in this, so if your current connection and the MMS APN configuration share the same network namespace, things might get ugly. Also, if the application fails in some way when opening/closing a connection in this mode it MIGHT lead to the modem not being able to open a new GPRS connection until a device reboot. You have been warned. Note: I’ve been using this mode for more than 2 months and not yet had it happen to me ;).
    • As always, comments, suggestions etc appreciated at