Been a while since my last post (and a server crash, hence the empty blog).

I’ve recently uploaded fMMS 0.6.2 to extras-devel which has a ‘new’ configuration option: “Connection mode”.

What it does is enable different ways fMMS treats connections and what it tries to do when a new MMS arrives.
The options:

  1. Polite (Default behavior <0.6): Only switch to MMS connection if no connection is active, otherwise do nothing (pretty much)
  2. Rude: Force a disconnect of the active connection regardless of what it is, connect to MMS APN and then reconnect to the old one.
  3. Havoc: Try to bring up a connection to the MMS APN in parallel with whatever is active, this is what most other phones do. Note that to get this functionality on the N900 there are a few ugly hacks active which might break stuff, but it *should* work. ;)

So what’s left to do before promoting to -testing?
Basically I’m waiting for PR1.2 to hit as this adds MMS settings to /etc/operator_settings file, which will result in a redesign of the configuration dialog (again, heh) and hopefully make it a lot easier for everyone to get it working.
Another feature which is holding me back from promoting to -testing is the lack of proper address book-integration, this could be solved in two ways (three, but a full rewrite in C/C++ isn’t something I’m looking forward to atm): Someone releases a set of python bindings for libosso-abook OR gets fixed. :)
Preferred is obviously the python bindings, but with bsddb module in python it SHOULD be possible to parse addressbook.db and get all contact stuff that way in a timely manner.

Thanks everyone for testing and giving me invaluable feedback on the application!