Not been long since my last post, but one of the two things stopping me from promoting to -testing is now implemented. Thanks to all the great minds on IRC (#maemo on freenode, come visit!) and lizardo for translating my C-code to working python ctypes code (example).

The native addressbook widgets are all part of 0.7.0, as well as what should be perfect number <> contact matching and no more mistakes where it shows the wrong contact if the name was a subset of another name. Joy all around!

In the next release I’ve added some caching of name/avatar lookup which should lead to some load time improvements if you, like me, get most of your MMS from the same few persons. :)
Another fix in the next release is that ‘Havoc’ mode will work correctly with APN’s requiring username and password on connect. :)

Btw, 0.7.0 is available in -devel now!

Images of address book widgets after the break!

Some screenshots:
Contact chooser