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  • Debian on QNAP TS-451+

    Hook up HDMI + keyboard, reboot. Press `F2` or `Del` to enter BIOS, change boot device to your USB install stick. Install like normal (dont forget to create a bios partition first on your drives, dont put boot on a lvm partition, that won’t boot). Install grub to MBR on one of your drives and reboot. Disable “Smart FAN” in BIOS to be able to manually control the fan, otherwise you’ll be met by `/usr/sbin/pwmconfig: There are no pwm-capable sensor modules installed` and `Read-only file system` when you try to control it manually by echo’ing to `/sys/class/hwmon/hwmon1/device/pwm1`

  • gitea & drone release upload – invalid character ‘<' looking for beginning of value"

    solution: make sure to have attachments enabled in gitea’s app.ini and if you have nginx reverse proxy infront of your gitea, bump client_max_body_size in your server directive. profit!

  • Manually expanding QNAP storage pool

    If you like me just pulled drives from your QNAP when expanding instead of going through the “expand, pull one drive, wait for resync, pull another blabla” as the manual states, you can manually expand it by: replace /dev/md0 with your md device from cat /proc/mdstat mdadm --grow /dev/md0 --size=max and then: pvdisplay, grab the pv name for the storage pool you want to expand and pvresize /dev/drbd1 tada, all done!

  • Kodi: “mark as watched” on tv show not working

    Had an issue where “Mark as watched” did not actually mark a show as watched as seen on the “in progress shows” page, probably because I’ve removed/moved files since beginning to watch a show. solution: replace XX with the showId from tvshow table. gist here diff /tmp/alleps /tmp/watchedeps DELETE FROM episode WHERE episode.idEpisode = YY, where YY is the episodeId from the diff profit!

  • random android dev/debug notes

    filtering logcat with grep handy aliases to filter out some of the logspam on sony/samsung devices: function for aliasing adb -s if you have more than one android device hooked up and get tired of typing adb -s/aliasing adb in every shell: usage: android_device 1 changes adb to adb -s DEVICEID, then use android_device 2 in your next shell etc https inspection made simple install charles on your machine ( wget adb push charles.crt /sdcard/ settings -> privacy -> install from storage -> internal storage -> pick charles.crt then settings -> wifi -> long tap on the wifi to modify -> modify network -> scroll down -> check “show advanced options” -> change “proxy” to “manual” -> enter your ip and port (8888 is default port for charles)

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  • Chasing demons on Android

    This was originally posted over at, however I’m reposting it here since I wrote it So, debugging native code on Android… not the most pleasant experience I’ve had. As you may know, Sinch has this neat Android and iOS SDK for doing VOIP (voice over IP) and IM (instant messaging). To reduce the amount of code they both share, we have written a common layer in C++ that is then cross-compiled for each platform, which is then wrapped in a thin layer of Java/Obj-C code. One of our big third-party dependencies is boost, which gives us shared_ptr, bind and other nice stuff (since we haven’t migrated to C++11 yet).

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  • Building and running valgrind on Android

    Note to self post for when the next time I need it, or: how to build and run your application under valgrind on Android (tested on 4.4). Preqres: Patience, Android NDK, rooted device, linux host (VM, or whatever). Step 1: Make sure you are running `dalvik` as your runtime. `art` might be new and flashy, but it does not play well with valgrind in my experience. Step 2: Get valgrind sources from or do Unpack it if you downloaded the source tarball, obviously. Step 3: in the svn checkout (skip it if you downloaded the tarball) Step 4: or where ever you have your Android NDK setup.

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  • A million downloads!

    fMMS now reached a million downloads (a few days back, actually) on the counter at Thank you everyone that keeps using my application! Thank you also for the patches and suggestions you keep sending me, even though I might be a bit slow to reply at times I do appreciate it and try to integrate/fix things sooner or later. :) PS. 1.3.3 needs your vote to make it to Extras ;-) PPS. I still appreciate the donations, keep them coming ;) Comments Comment by Hege on 2011-02-28 15:28:24 +0100 Nice – congratulations! How about adding option for multiple receivers?

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  • Half a million downloads later…

    First, let me apologize for not pushing a lot of updates lately, I recently moved to Finland so have been quite busy the last few weeks. :) I recently pushed 1.2.2 to extras-testing which has the option to “Save attachments” from the application menu when viewing an MMS, which should help everyone do whatever they want with the media they receive. :) Please help test and vote for it at In closing I’d like to thank everyone for downloading and using this application! Just another 500 000 downloads to the first million! ;-) PS. Is this the first application from maemo.

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  • A bunch of fMMS improvements

    Since an image says more than a thousand words here are some pictures showing what has been changed in fMMS since 1.0.3. Pictures after the break.

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