filtering logcat with grep handy aliases to filter out some of the logspam on sony/samsung devices: function for aliasing adb -s if you have more than one android device […]

fMMS now reached a million downloads (a few days back, actually) on the counter at Thank you everyone that keeps using my application! Thank you also for the patches […]

A bunch of fMMS improvements

Since an image says more than a thousand words here are some pictures showing what has been changed in fMMS since 1.0.3. Pictures after the break.

Finally, the day we all been waiting for… fMMS is in extras! Thanks everyone who helped get fMMS where it is today. :) Quick run-through of the basics (more or […]

Finally! 1.0.0! Working it’s way to -testing as you read this! Link for QA: There’s a new thread at for fMMS 1.0.0 and later; Everything you might […]