fMMS 0.9.0 aka “Getting really close now…”

So, since my last blog the two things standing between fMMS and extras have worked themselves out (almost, still waiting for PR1.2 to go live). I hereby like to present: fMMS 0.9.0 aka “Getting really close now…”.

Quick overview of the features:

  • Auto configuration of MMS APN.
    So, this will work for everyone in PR1.2 (assuming it’s like PR1.2 SDK), but you can get it to work now on a fresh fMMS install by copying /etc/operator_settings from PR1.2 SDK, but what it does is try to configure all MMS related options automatically. If you are coming from an earlier version of fMMS it *should* automatically copy over your settings from the current one, hopefully.
    When introducing this I also made fMMS add it’s own APN automatically, which means you no longer need fAPN.
  • Forward option in Viewer.
    It basically takes the text and the attachment (only one, which got some funky logic attached to it) and opens a new Sender for you. It does not save the subject from the previous message.
  • Connection modes.
    They’ve been around a while now, but I’d like to explain them again as it’s not really obvious how they are intended to work.
    • Polite: This mode does only connect to the MMS APN if no other connection is active.
    • Rude: Automatically takes down your current connection, connects to the MMS APN and when it’s done reconnects to the previous connection if possible.
    • Havoc: This is what other phone does (albeit much more reliably), it opens a second connection to the MMS APN in parallel with the one currently open. As an added bonus, the MMS APN is hidden from the “Connections” UI in this mode as it does not need to be visible.
      Due to the nature of the kernel in Maemo 5 there are some ugly hacks involved in this, so if your current connection and the MMS APN configuration share the same network namespace, things might get ugly. Also, if the application fails in some way when opening/closing a connection in this mode it MIGHT lead to the modem not being able to open a new GPRS connection until a device reboot. You have been warned. Note: I’ve been using this mode for more than 2 months and not yet had it happen to me ;).
    • As always, comments, suggestions etc appreciated at

25 thoughts on “fMMS 0.9.0 aka “Getting really close now…”

  1. Your fMMS application just seems to work better and better, nice work indeed, keep it up!

    I’ve read someone statet that an MMS is cut up into multiple SMS, is that really true? I mean, with some image data in it that would end up being a HUGE amount of messages and extremely expensive. This cannot be right, I mean as far as I know MMS has been somewhat more expensive for me, but not as expensive as it would have been if it was chopped it up into that amount of SMS.

  2. Thanks!

    Well, not really, it has its own binary format and fMMS sends and receives it in one big chunk over HTTP (as does Android afaiu). The only thing delivered by SMS is the “Push Notification” that alerts the device there is an MMS waiting to be retrieved. :) If you want to read more has all the specifications you can possibly need ;)

    EDIT: Wow, this theme really messes with the smilies. Doh!

  3. This looks and works better with each iteration. I like the new “frame” that accompanies the “tap to add image” message. I was able to successfully send an MMS to my own number. Forwarding works well. I am impressed with the image resizing and the high quality it maintains in the image. Going from a 5 megapixel image to 300k or less and having it look good is quite a feat.

    The only thing missing is being able to save the image received as a file.

    Thank you for your very outstanding work on this. I use fMMS a great deal and without it my experience with the N900 would much less enjoyable.

  4. Will I still need an additional APN setup or will it be generated on the fly? Probably not since the relevant proxy information is unknown? It would be great to put that information into fMMS and not have the APN around all the time, since from time to time for some unknown reason, my N900 picks the MMS APN and sometimes I only discover after a while that I don’t have a working connection.

  5. Is there a way to get fMMS to send the images in their original size. I like the application fine except for the fact that what the recipient sees is a tiny version of a nice image.

  6. All i’m wondering about is the image sizes on the MMS you recieve, i don’t know if you have answered this somewhere else or of it’s just me but why are the pictures i get so tiny? even when i send a picture from my own phone to my phone using fMMS the picture i recive is really tiny :/

  7. Why does v.0.7.2 let you choose between available connections, whereas the entire 0.9 series does not? Version 0.9.3 would not let you open configuration setting either when you tap on “Configure”. Is this the way it works now? And if it is, do we need to delete connection created initially with fAPN application? For example my carrier is TMobile USA. So, as it was suggested in the earlier versions, I created Tmo-mms connection in my fAPN. Now you have this update that automatically creates another connection called MMS. Although it could be the same type of a connection, I just don’t feel comfortable enough with it, because of unavailabillity of choosing older connection if I need to. So, what should I do? Delete my Tmo-mms or leave it? After I tried 0.9.3, though, just to see how it works and because it did not let me open configuration setting and nor it did let me choose my old connection, I decided to go back to 0.7.2, because I just felt more comfortable with the option of having a choice between the connections. I hope I am not confusing you here. It is a GREAT WORK you are doing out there, Nick. Many thanks for your efforts.

  8. This tool is great.

    Just a question, is there any plan to support the SMIL format for the MMS? Which formats are supported?

  9. Hi Frals.

    I have been testing your solution for some months now. In the beginning I was not able to use it because I am not a tech user.

    With your latest releases this has changed. I was finally able to send and receive MMS problem-free on my N900 without lots of difficult settings.

    Thanks a lot :-)

  10. works fine! and for anyone else who was confused at this, mmsc is where you paste the http for your service’s mms

  11. thank you very much for fMMS.
    version 0.9.8 works great.
    great job.

  12. great work, keep it up hope you manage to add the last few functions like save and custom image size if its possible within the mms confines. if not i’ll just keep using email to send in those big images ;)

    been using it for a long time now and while early versions required some brains they all worked for me without issue :) keep up the good work.

  13. getting: error: -3 temporary failure in name resolution please make sure your apn settings are correct. what to do? help!

  14. @Robert: To save a received image just tap-and-hold on the image and choose “Open”, this should launch the “Photos” application from where you can Save/do other things :)

    @Tilman: As of 0.9.0 fMMS creates a new APN for itself (unless one was setup in previous versions). However, you will need to put in the configuration details yourself for now, when PR1.2 is released it *might* get the configuration automatically, but I can’t promise it works for all operators :)

    @Lloyd: Set “Image resize” to “Original” and fMMS won’t resize it – however the operator might do it before delivering it to the recepient.

    @Ramin: They are resized in the viewer to fit on screen – tap-and-hold and press “Open” to open them in the image viewer. If they still look small it’s because your operator resizes them before delivering them to your handset, which fMMS can’t do anything about I’m afraid :(

    @Sam: There were a bunch of issues with the new configuration dialog, as of 0.9.8 and later they should all be ironed out. You can delete the old Tmo-mms connection if you’d like, fMMS will create a new APN if one is not found. This might mean you have to re-enter the settings in the configuration dialog though.

    @Tito: Currently, no. fMMS generates a very simple SMIL page from the text and the attachment, but that’s it so far.

    @Alex: Please read the thread I linked to on, if you still have problems make a post there and we’ll try to workout what the problem is!

    Thanks everyone for your kind words and your time spent testing! :)

  15. You had forwarding option in your later version, but I don’t see it available in 0.9.10.
    There is only “Configuration” and “About” in viewer.

  16. Sorry, Frals.

    I take the forwarding unavailability back. It is there, I just overlooked it.

  17. i am unable to installfmms in my n900. it says python file missing.
    supported packages for fmms is missing, unable to install. pls help

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