Half a million downloads later…

First, let me apologize for not pushing a lot of updates lately, I recently moved to Finland so have been quite busy the last few weeks. :)

I recently pushed 1.2.2 to extras-testing which has the option to “Save attachments” from the application menu when viewing an MMS, which should help everyone do whatever they want with the media they receive. :) Please help test and vote for it at http://maemo.org/packages/package_instance/view/fremantle_extras-testing_free_armel/fmms/1.2.2/

In closing I’d like to thank everyone for downloading and using this application! Just another 500 000 downloads to the first million! ;-)

PS. Is this the first application from maemo.org to reach 500 000? :)

11 thoughts on “Half a million downloads later…

  1. Where do you see the number of people that downloaded your application?
    I’ve a couple of applications in extras-testing and extras-devel but not yet promoted to extras.
    Is it possible anyway to see the number of downloads?

  2. Good to hear you’re back, welcome to Finland! :) I assume you’ll have to learn Finnish now, heh.

    And I’d be glad to help, I’ll submit my vote to the update as soon as possible, since this indeed is quite well done app to add the MMS to the system, which was not supposed to have it. Kudos to you!

  3. p.s: I tried fMMS too, using settings for “Tre Italia”, but it didn’t work. Do you know where can I find updated settings informations?
    The instruction I found on a t.m.o. post referred to an old version of fMMS. Now the UI of settings has changed and I don’t know if I’m configuring it in thw right way. In particular I think there was a “proxy” problem or something similar. Thanks.

  4. hey there… uhm quick question, can you delete mms’s and if so how?? and if not would you put it in the next update? also can you only add images? or can you mms vid clips ect as well?? i tried mms’ing a vid clip, but it didn’t work??

    thankies for fmms, much appreciated from South Africa!!

  5. thanks for a great app…

    please consider making a export/import mms database option

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