Kodi: “mark as watched” on tv show not working

Had an issue where “Mark as watched” did not actually mark a show as watched as seen on the “in progress shows” page, probably because I’ve removed/moved files since beginning to watch a show. solution: 1. replace XX with the showId from tvshow table. gist here

diff /tmp/alleps /tmp/watchedeps DELETE FROM episode WHERE episode.idEpisode…(Continue Reading)

random android dev/debug notes

filtering logcat with grep handy aliases to filter out some of the logspam on sony/samsung devices: https://gist.github.com/frals/f9dc3a70628fbdbc6a82 function for aliasing adb -s if you have more than one android device hooked up and get tired of typing adb -s/aliasing adb in every shell: https://gist.github.com/frals/111fda81ff8e08b3f8ed usage: android_device 1 changes adb to adb -s DEVICEID, then use…(Continue Reading)

Building and running valgrind on Android

Note to self post for when the next time I need it, or: how to build and run your application under valgrind on Android (tested on 4.4). Preqres: Patience, Android NDK, rooted device, linux host (VM, or whatever). Step 1: Make sure you are running dalvik as your runtime. art might be new and flashy,…(Continue Reading)